That Slow Read – Journal Entry

You went hiking today and my day didn’t turn out as laid back as I’d planned but…I’m continuing with my reading of Fingersmith.

It’s the sort of book I have to stop and think about sometimes. I’m a little slow around the edges.  And I scare very easily.  It’s more suspenseful than scary, actually, but…I don’t deal well with the unknown, either.

I say, to you, this sort of reminds me of Lady Chatterley’s Lover by DH Lawrence – very suspenseful and heart throbbing. It has more twists and dark areas to it, though.  We discuss DH Lawrence and Henry Miller.  I decide, when the right time comes, to do a flash fiction Erotica piece.  And so,  of course,  I must do it!

I remember, almost everyone I knew, in high school (1960’s), wanted to read Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I read a page or two of it.   It was boring. In my 50’s, I saw some movie of it. Now I can’t read Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I have those movie images. I like to read a book before I see a movie. I like to make my own images.

So here I go again…the plot is thickening. Oh my gosh! It’s very suspenseful.  We have both agreed to do nothing tomorrow.  I plan to read.   If I get too scared, you’ll be home 


About This Book I’m Reading – Journal Entry

window-587606_640Right now, what I want to record has to do with a book I’m reading.  It’s not a book I would have gone out searching to read.  However, it was somehow mentioned during the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week.  I think some famous director is going to make a film about this book.

Fingersmith it’s titled.  By Sarah Waters.  I’ve read that BBC did a series from the novel.  So who knows?  It sounded mysterious so had put it on my Kindle.  I may watch the series after I’ve finished the book.

It’s very scary (to me – so don’t expect blood and guts…I hope)and dark with lesbian and some sort of dark sexual tones.  I’m one-third finished the book.  An unexpected twist has taken place!

I was talking to you about it and you said these sorts of books are popular right now.  Erotica is “openly mainstream” now.

The writing is well done.  It’s mesmerizing. Draws the reader in almost instantly.  I’m a very impatient reader.  Maybe that’s because I write micro-poetry and 100-word fiction.  I want to escape quickly  and this book has done that for me.  I hope I’m not disappointed…

I’ll have a quiet day tomorrow.  I’ll continue reading and come back with more when I’ve finished.


image via pixabay

A Poem In One Act

heart-1246982_640A Poem In One Act

how we used to say
we were gonna sit out
on the balcony
and read?

I guess
you know
you thought I needed lessons
about what Anais Nin had to say

or think
or cheat about
as if I didn’t know
all that already.

I’m sitting here now
on the balcony without you and wondering
what sort of dreams do people reach for
when there aren’t  any more dreams?


Sweet Josephine – Fiction

Time again for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Thanks to PJ for hosting this weekly challenge.  please follow little froggy for more stories.

Oh my gosh!  I want to add some background to my story…This particular dome holds all sorts of signifigance to my heritage…my family leaving France and my love of Napoleon Brandy and a bar, in the French Quarter, called The Napoleon House – a few doors down from my parents’ old home long ago…and I toyed all around with this and I wanted to go somewhere else with it…historical, yet modern.  And this is where my research led me…

the photograph and my story:

the chapelSweet Josephine

Josie liked fancy things, fancy men, and lace.  That’s part of the reason she married Beau.  The other part of the reason was she loved Beau.  No matter what people thought, later, they’d loved each other.

Beau loved children.  Josie loved them, too, just not as much as Beau.  Once they married, that’s all Beau talked about.  Their kids this.  Their kids that.  Sad part is, Josie and Beau could never have kids.

Years later, people were still speculating over why they divorced.  Beau remarried and fathered 5 children.  Josie never remarried.  She had several children, too.  Some say they loved each other until the day they died.


photo via TJ Paris