Hoping To Be Wise By Next Week – Journal Whatnots

So here comes the family reunion.  Since I located the place and everyone agreed to rent it, sight unseen, I’m sorta freaking but…I’ve never had a bad experience renting vacation places  from these people and the reviews are fantastic so… YAY!  HERE WE COME!  ALL 18 OF US

family reunion placeHere’s a lovely blurry photo of the place – probably in spring.  Huge – sleeps a zillion.  So, since your family isn’t Catholic, it’s plenty big enough.  Menu will form an interesting arch between vegetarian/gluten free to Give Me More Of That Fat And Wheat😛

reading roomAnd here you will find me cuz I’m really a shy Cajun type.    I’ll be right here, on this love seat, writing something that’s gonna be famous one day  :)I’m hoping to use my tablet – easier with my eye issue – to take some forest-y  photographs to poetry/flash fiction sort of things.

And then, too, I’ll be wiser  cuz of the new walking steady cane you ordered for me:)  It’s a hand carved Finnish piece.    Wasn’t I supposed to order one last year?  Oh well… so you ordered it for me!   I really need one these days…especially in a redwood forest ….

Meanwhile, I’m going with my gf for her chemo tomorrow.  I’ll take her for a coffee and pastry first.  Then, at lunch, sumfin fatty and good that she likes.  My sweet bestest friend.  The chemo thing is very emotional for all concerned.

And then we live on until later.

So, one day soon….after life takes place, I’m taking a vacation.

Elespeth   ♥

Red Is Just A Color – Fiction

Time again for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Thanks to PJ for hosting this weekly challenge.  please follow little froggy for more stories.

Here is the photo and my story…

Red Is Just A Color

red lightMyrna had read an article about a local poetry reading set for that evening. Poetry wasn’t exactly her thing, but a poetry reading seemed better than spending another night alone.

She dressed appropriately bohemian and headed for the cafe. At least she’d get a coffee and pastry out of the evening.

A delicate figure stepped up to the microphone. Her features were soft. Almost perfect.  “Let me leave you with this one last poem,” the poet said at the end of her reading.    She was soft-spoken and seemed shy.

The Colors of Red

Red is the color
of love
and life
and death’s blood.
the color of light
shining through
a paper lantern
upon which
black lettering
speaks the unknown.
burns like fire
upon a world

Myrna felt her breath catch. Then she went home, had a brandy, turned down her bed, and slept fretfully.


This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris.

Just On The Tip Of My Tongue – Fiction

Just a piece of while-washing-the-dishes-prose:

Just On The Tip Of My Tongue

cat-1461372_640It was like that spirit, come again, from way back when remember? Come to lift me up and away. Cradling me and cooing that old song, now just on the tip of my tongue.

Our cat is licking away the tears on my cheeks and cooing gently. Her private cooing. On a higher realm than purring.

You are there, too, somewhere close wondering – I guess – what more you can do other than kiss me and murmur something insane about love.

And then, whatever it was passes. I sense everything and everyone around me. In my mind, we purr with our cat. The sun is shining. This is what one must do. Get on with it.


photo via pixabay