How dare my little niece graduate from high school!  We just watched it live stream from 2000 miles away.  The ways of the world these days.  She was a beautiful graduate – special distinction headed for Tufts.  (*An Aunt Brag*)  All of the graduates were beautiful and sooooo young.  I engaged in some soppy-ness.  I looked over and you we wiping your eyes with your fingers.

“Are you c rying?”


*Kisses*  *Hugs*

Ya just gotta love a man who knows how to do and deny soppy.

Congratulations to ALL graduates this year.


2 thoughts on “Soppyness…

    • Thank you, Charles. She’s so totally perfect and young and just the world a canvas for her dreams. And yes! Imagine! We watched it live in California from down South! It was incredible.
      I’m working hard on my next Lauradale “Flash Fiction”. Odd…now that I know my prose might have a name I’m stuck 😛


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