Purple People Eater

I’ve been thinking of this song lately. ..  You can click on the link (on the bottom of this post)

This song is like from the late 50’s.  My grandfather worked for a Savings and Loans on Canal Street, in New Orleans.  He and my Mimi lived on the third floor.  On the second floor was WTIX – the AM rock n’ roll station.  This song came out.  I heard they were giving away rubber Purple People Eater dolls at the radio station.  I was like 6  or 7.  So, of course, I NEEDED TERRIBLY ONE OF THOSE DOLLS.  We visited my grandparents – a few blocks away – and I immediately  proceeded to the radio station floor for my purple people eater doll.  Geez.  I slept with that rubber purple doll and eventually chewed off its horn.  LOL! And people wonder why us Baby Boomers are so – well – odd.  We went from this to the Beatles 😛



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