What Every Writer Longs For…

fictional characters and sane


Thought I’d pop in with this.  As you can see,  I’ve been terribly busy this afternoon.  I don’t feel badly about it.  It’s 92 degrees and builders in Silicon Valley didn’t put air conditioners in condos in 1975.  I hope those same people aren’t allowed to build any longer.  If I hear one more person say, “But it only gets hot, here, a few days a year,”  …  I’ll feel forced to make some honest sort of transplanted Southern Belle response.  The kind of response we Southern Belles make when trying to be polite in 92 degree weather and no a/c.  And trust me, it would not be pleasant.  This will be one of my few random thought posts 😛


11 thoughts on “What Every Writer Longs For…

    • Sigh…and you’d think after living in New Orleans for 50 years I’d be used to heat 😦 You’re right – we get used to it but can always complain about it 😛 Not to fear! We now have two itty bitty usb port fans going and various other fans about. One accumulates fans here – hoping if one doesn’t work they will work in combination with each other. Sitting perfectly still also helps.


  1. Here are my 2 best cooling off tips. A cold wet bandanna around your neck and keep a spray bottle in the fridge or freezer to spray your face with throughout the day.
    Most of my family lives in Alaska and they’ve been having heat waves, so I’ve been giving them my tips. My sis replied, “thank you, mother.”
    I learned these 2 tips while hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, then staying the night, and climbing back out IN THE SUMMER! It was so hot that we had to head out at about 3 A.M. to make it almost to the top by the time the burning sun hit us.
    My comment is longer than the post…oops.


    • LOL! Long replies don’t bother me 😛 We’re writers! I like that idea of the spray bottle – for two reasons: I’m going to try it and…out here I could probably rebottle bottled water into a plastic spray bottle, abstractly paint the outside of it and sell it for 40 bucks!


    • Oh! I have an entire box of skinny cow ice cream sammiches. I’ve been eyeing them all morning. Typing brings on a sweat. ROFL! No! I can’t laugh that hard the floor would get wet 😦
      Thanks for dropping by, Megan. Some of my entries are actually deep 😛


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