Camp NaNo! Oh NoNo!


Oh my goodness!  I’ve just registered for Camp NaNo!  I’ve had some encouragement concerning my work Flirting With The Moon...  Of course I haven’t a clue what to do now.  I’m scared.  I think I need a cabin assignment. OMG!  What have I done!!  And I have to now read – at long last – the tutorial on my Scrivener.  And then you said/I said:

Me:  I’m glad that all my work is being stored on my blog since it will always be here but my computer may crash.

You:  I don’t know about that?

Me:  About what?

You:  That the blog will always be there.  It’s not a good place to have the only copy of your work.  You need a copy too.

Me:  But that means I have to copy all of my stuff from my blog to my puter.

You:  Yes – good idea.

Me:  (Under my breath) WTF?

There goes Sunday.


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