Flirting With The Moon (The Poem)

Free Image HostingI know I said I was going to try not to work on any poetry this month and I have tried – for several hours.  And then…It came to my mind, while I was writing this evening, that I hadn’t yet written a poem for my story collection – Flirting With The Moon.  I was busily working away on my ZenWrite.  The background I am using is one of a pier stretching out onto a lake.  Many thoughts are going through my mind today.  Especially thoughts about how to begin connecting my stories.  Or how to begin the collection.  What exactly do I want to create that might interest some people?  And which is more important?  I imagined myself sitting at the edge of that pier in that black and white photographed background on my screen.  I sorta became lost there and while I was lost, this poem came to me.

Flirting With The Moon

Where is that place
called beginning when
the pier stretches so far
out onto that clear still lake
and the mist falls all around
the ground
like diamonds
touched by an early morning sun?
Is that the beginning
and in the end
dreaming and flirting with the moon –
a cool breeze
in between?


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