The day was productive.  I managed to copy all of my blog poetry entries and paste them into one huge word document.  That’s 53 poems/2900 words since I started blogging in February.  Some of them I’ve been working on for quite a while.  I looked them over again.  I’m fairly satisfied with the sonnets.  I’ve been working on those several years.  I am working out a ‘you’ theme something. Some poems that will be combined for that.  I’m glad I have set aside this month …I can get organized.  My computer files are a mess.  I might go to camp every July…just to get my files organized.  One of my cabin mates – who shall remain nameless – snores.  Wish you were here  ♥


5 thoughts on “Postcard

  1. I try to take one lousy day or two off (make sense of that!) and you start dissing me. I’m like twitter and facebook put together; I am everywhere :>)
    Both my mom and my late husband thought it was cute…course, they’re not the ones startling themselves awake with a loud, let’s just say, snore-like sound.
    My conclusion is that you don’t love me , because you are not willing to lie straight to my face(book) or blog like those who truly love me.
    That’s all, back to my cave.


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