Of hands and humility…

I would like to share this post – it’s stuck in my throat beautiful as is harula’s blog. Please take a moment to read and visit.


The story that follows was sent to me by a friend who has shared great wisdom and beauty with me, and this story is no exception. She sent it to me by email, and I do not know the origin of the story, but I felt its worth and wisdom in the way it touched my heart, and wanted to share it with you.

In sharing it I wish to thank both my parents. My parents have both been wonderful role models of courage, compassion and creativity. They have supported me on so many levels, made me feel so safe and secure that I have taken to this adventure that is ‘life’ with a great sense of confidence, freedom and belief. Reading this story made me realise that I too slip into taking them and their hard work for granted, and with humility and much love I wish to thank…

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One thought on “Of hands and humility…

  1. That’s so kind of you – thank you very much Ellespeth! And I love that expression ‘stuck in my throat beautiful’. I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog, having only discovered it recently, so I’m very glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve found in mine too. Blessings, H xxx


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