Once Upon A Bed Again, III (Fairy Prose)

(I may keep adding on to this – but not soon. The earlier part of this can be found here: https://balconyviewz.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/once-upon-a-bed-again-ii-fairy-prose-2/)

The Floating Dewdrop 

I’m terribly sorry to have run off so quickly earlier. Chloe suddenly announced she was tired and would be leaving for the day. Just then my little daughter, Irene, had finished her bath – which, as I’m sure you know, is usually quite a production – and her mother and I read her a story before tucking her in for the night and listening to her thank the day and make an evening wish. It’s just as well this way. I have some extra time to briefly explain exactly how a fairy, named Chloe, came to live in our house.

People, on my side of the family, strongly believe in fairies. I guess we always have. At least I can’t remember when we didn’t. My mother and father, brothers and sisters, cousins, grandparents, all believe in fairies and that, once a child reaches 5,  a fairy comes to live in their room and stays until the child is 6 and has lost their first tooth, sometimes longer.  Many of the fairies I’ve known have been related to Chloe. It’s just the way things worked out.

Today was Chloe’s first day as a Bedroom Fairy. “Where will you sleep?” Irene had asked her earlier in the day. She and Chloe were sitting on a pink and purple and blue braided rug in the center of the bedroom cutting out clothes for paper dolls. Irene cut and Chloe  sprinkled little sparkly bits on each piece.

“Where? Why in my dewdrop on the daisy outside your window of course.” She’d looked up at me all flustered with her tiny wings fidgeting about.

Then Irene had to leave for her afternoon dance lesson and it was up to me to help Chloe finish settling in. She was surprised that none of the stuffed animals had names and were simply called bear or bunny. And that’s when she decided to make up the story she was attempting to tell earlier. Chloe is not a child, She is a fairy. She is much more difficult than a child.

Later in the night, with just the moon for a light, Chloe guided her floating  dewdrop into Irene’s bedroom and onto the nightstand. She dusted Irene’s bed with shooting stars and glitter and then she went to sleep.


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