My Left Eye

You are walking out the door on your way to get a hair cut and your beard trimmed.  You lean over to kiss me goodbye and whisper in my ear:  “The doctor called to remind you that you have an eye injection tomorrow afternoon.”  We both frown and you’re off.

Hmfffff!  Every three months I get an injection into my left eye for macular degeneration.  I’ve been getting them for almost 10 years now.  What can I say?  It’s saving my sight.  The worst part is being reminded that I have an appointment.  To make myself feel better, I schedule my quarterly injection on the same day as the monthly HOA Board meeting.  (That Board I’ve resigned from a million times – in my imagination)  I get to skip the monthly  meeting tomorrow!  So, there’s a positive side.  That and I get all the champagne I can drink when we get home.  And did I mention that you hold my hand in the doctor’s office and never forget to mention how beautiful I look with my eye held open with a clamp.?  Hahaha!

That’s it.  Just thought I’d pop in for a vent (i).  I’m working on another segment of Once Upon A Bed Again and will post that later today.


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