My Left Eye and The Fortune Cookie Protest (A Poem)

The eye injection went fine.  I spoke to the doctor about changing the routine to one injection every 4 months.  In 4 months she will take pictures and let me know if that’s a realistic possibility  I’ve never been good at betting on horses.

On the way home, we stop for The Special Fried Rice to go.  (You go in and I sit in the car pretending I’ m in a germ free bubble :P)  We have an early supper and split half a bottle of champagne.  Then we have angel food cake and read the two fortunes that came with our meal.  Yours claims “Something good and unexpected will happen.”  I get all excited and clap and ask you what you think that could be.  You scoot closer to  me and put your hand on my knee. Hahaha! Well mine was lovely, too.   It says quite clearly  – “Happiness will come to you.”  I really don’t like my fortune to be deep or confusing or challenging.  So this is an absolutely-bound-to-happen-fortune.  I’m extremely happy in my life at this present age (62) and moment in time.  This fortune must aboslutely mean I’m on my way to becoming happier.  That could be a good thing but… like you said…I have this yet to be acknowledged morbid side:

The Fortune Cookie Protest
I don’t want to feel any happier.
I don’t want to love you more.
I don’t want to smile and laugh too much longer
than I do now. My face already hurts.
Any further happiness
headed in my direction
should immediately set port
for an island very near to me.
Eventually I may need you –
but not now.


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