24 Somewhat Random Somethings About Moi

I Don’t Live Here But Would Like to 😛

These are the ansswers to the Award questions.  To the best of my knowledge:

If possible: (7 Things I don’t want to do)
1. I don’t ever, ever, ever want to drive on a California freeway
2. I don’t want to go backpacking – or do anything similar to backpacking.
3. If I can help it, I don’t want to be in my 20’s again.
4. I don’t want to be normal until I find out what that means.
5. On the other hand, I don’t want to be too abnormal.
6. I don’t want to figure out all the things that Microsoft Word©  can and cannot do.
7. I don’t want to live on the moon – at least not in this lifetime.

Some Random Facts About Me: (17 to be precise)
1. I used to want to be a nun.
2. I put this one here so #16 would work – somehow I made a mistake numbering and this is Microsoft Word’s© fault.
3. I like high humidity.
4. I like rainy days.
5. I still have my Shirley Temple doll.
6. When I make the bed, I still put my stuffed animals on the pillows.
7. My dentist is not my favorite person.
8. I like getting catalogues in the mail.
9. When I have them, I like to dip my french fries in sweetened condensed milk 😛
10. I failed my California written driver’s license test twice!
11. I don’t like trick questions.
12. I hope I never have to park on a hilly street.
13. I talk to our parakeets. I think they respond.
14. When I was younger I cried a lot when I was angry, now I just yell my head off.
15. I’d like to participate in a peaceful flash mob. That probably won’t happen because I don’t have a cell phone, I don’t do twitter, and I don’t have a Facebook page.
16. Ah! I’ve come to #16. I wore the most knock out gorgeous pink dress – with matching pink low heels – to my Sweet 16 party.
17. The list ended just in time 🙂

♥ Ellespeth

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