Now Entering Slow Meltdown Mode

Any day  now you’re leaving for Copenhagen.  It’s that summer vacation I’ve been dreading since last Christmas.  Of course, I could be going, too but…not only do I never want to drive on a California freeway but I also don’t want to fly all the way across the US and an ocean and back again.  So, I’m not going.  That was the original reason I wasn’t going.   Then we purchased your ticket and figured out expenses while you are gone and whoa!  That’s pretty expensive for just one person.  And she’s your daughter 😛  Works out well all the way around…  Except I will miss you.

I can’t think very clearly about what I’ll do with myself for three weeks.  I’ll watch the toddlers three mornings a week and have a park date with another toddler one afternoon a week and…OMG!  It’s dawning on me that for the first time, in my adult life, not only will I not be working (I’m retired) but it’s just going to be me for many hours each day.  I mean like silence.  I feel like that picture up top – sailing towards me.  I wonder what I’ll discover?

I’m now entering a slow meltdown mode.  I have no intention of mentioning this again until after 1AM Thursday morning.  That’s when your plane will land in Copenhagen.  Later that day, Lana and Melinda and I will go to the new burger joint for comfort food.  I may bring home a piece of pie.  I’m not sure.  I’m already full thinking about the pie parts.



10 thoughts on “Now Entering Slow Meltdown Mode

  1. I can understand ! It may be hard but it is just a matter of time…..You will be back to normal life again ! I love the way you expressed your feelings in this post……And *Hugs* We are always here for you ! Love 🙂 xx


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