The Curse of Being Shy

I’m terribly shy.  Well that’s an understatement.  You are on vacation and tons of friends and parents of toddlers we take on ‘park dates’ have jumped in to fill my time and cheer me.  I’m truly grateful – truly I am 😦    I just looked at the clock.  In less than an hour I am leaving for a dinner date with a toddler’s family.  I’m going to be meeting people I don’t know.  Barf!  Plus I have to print a map and figure out how to get there without driving on a California freeway!  Doubly awful.  I hope to return in one piece – very early this evening.  Sigh.

OMG!  When I was cleaning I turned off your puter and mine isn’t hooked to a printer.  OMG!  How will I print the map!???


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