What Others See (#2), 11 More Poem-a-Day Entries Left and All…

As I was driving to supper last evening, I was thinking about how I see myself as shy and how people who know me – some even quite well – don’t consider me shy at all. Most people consider me very outgoing. People who really, really, really know me know how I feel about that! There is a difference between being outgoing on the outside and feeling outgoing on the inside. And that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy being with people. I do. I like listening and watching and I’m fortunate that I have a life I enjoy listening to and watching…and comtemplating…wondering about…letting stuff not make sense sometimes and liking that.

Today was blissful. Sunday resting. An attempt at  a fan fiction prompt was made.

On July 8 I said I’d w ite a poem a day for Nanowrimo.  I have 11 days left 😦  I’m trying to work old stuff and putting out new stuff.  None of these are probably finished but I’d like to complete the process.  I am also doing a writing prompt a day for 30 days at http://neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com/.  I ‘m trying…I’m behind on promised readings /book edits and trying to catch up.   It appears I will have entire Tuesdays and Thursdays off while you are gone!  I hope to better organize my time and have a better schedule worked out by the time you return.  Hmmm…didn’t I say that when I retired two years ago?

I miss you, honey.   You don’t even know the name of my blog…so that’s just an I miss you for the heck of it. ♥

Now…on to my poetry entry for today – hopefully.


One thought on “What Others See (#2), 11 More Poem-a-Day Entries Left and All…

  1. I’m the same way. I think I’m shy, but people tell me that I’m not. It might be all about confidence because I can talk a lot when interacted with. That initial introduction is what throws me off.


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