Postcard – Final Postcard Before Headed Home

Ok…so I was a little bit overly optimistic when I said I’d do 25000 words in a month.  LMAO.  And so I only ended up with 10,000 words.  I went in planning on a novel 😛  I left with some poems and a dreadful fairytale 😛  It was fun…unfortunately – I’ve promised a  poem a day starting 7/8…and I fully intend to torture everyone with this promise.

My cabinmates, as I said on day one, consumed all the ‘smores, snored, and otherwise chased pink balloons on the beach at all ungodly  hours of the day (and night).  That said, I may attend, again, in November.  Or…I may not.


7 thoughts on “Postcard – Final Postcard Before Headed Home

  1. You entered and you wrote! That’s amazing in my book. I’ve only relatively recently heard of it and was toying with the idea. Still haven’t committed though.
    Planning anything for a month is not really like me. ;)x


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