Smudge Sticks and Abalone Shells – (Prompt 5 – Objects In This Room)

Prompt Day 5…my attempt…visit for today’s offerings from many gifted people. Ellespeth

The Community Storyboard

He’d given her two things – an abalone shell, from one of his dives, and a smudge stick he’d made from their garden sage. The last thing she did for him was to light the sage and circle round the urn of ashes – once him but no more.

Bless his spirit’s passage.
Bless every step he made upon this earth.
Bless his sweetest lips and every word they spoke.
Bless his deep blue eyes and all they saw.
Bless his brilliant smile and his laughter’s echo.
Bless his loving heart in all of its brokenness.
Amen, we say.

Then she circled round his friends.

Bless these men and women he so loved.
Bless each moment they shared.
Bless their tears and their laughter.
Bless this circle of unending love.
Amen, we say.

Then she bid them form a circle and join hands.

Bless us and all who…

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