The Day…

Started out badly. I birthed a hedgehog…

I babysat the toddlers on my own – the ones we watch Mon/Wed/Fri mornings helping their mom phase back into full-time work. The little girl says to me:

“Do you have a baby?” She is four.

“No,” I reply.

“You have to have one,” she says. She seems alarmed. “You can use my dolly and you can have a baby.”

Hahaha! But, of course I did not LOL 😛 She runs to her bedroom. Her little brother follows her down the hall. He turns, before he leaves the living room, and says something very important to me in baby talk. Then he brings me his blanket. ROFL.  He takes it back.

Big sister returns with a stuffed hedgehog. She instructs me to put it under my sweater “because the baby has to come from your belly button.”

“Aha!” I say, doing as I am instructed.

“It’s just pretend,” she assures me as she takes the hedgehog from under my sweater. “Now I have to wrap it up in a blanket.”

She grabs her little brother’s blanket from his hands. At first I think he may burst out crying but…even at 18 months he seems attuned to the game. They both begin wrapping the stuffed hedgehog in the blanket.

“Sing a song,” she says. “That ni-ni song you sing.”

“Go to sleep little baby?” I ask.


And so I sing as instructed. This, mind you, after having birthed a hedgehog.  What  would life be without this silliness?

Here is the song in case you don’t know it:  (I leave out lots of parts and mainly sing ‘go to sleep little baby” and make up parts 😛  but…the actual words are lovely)


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