Chloe Comes Somewhat Clean (Her Pre-Heroine Days – Today’s Prompt)

Another day’s prompt from My Bedroom Fairy, Chloe, divulges personal information. Drop by the Community Storyboard for other offerings from many talented writers.

The Community Storyboard

One Afternoon’s Meeting

As if life isn’t complicated enough, with being a Bedroom Fairy and pretending to be a Tooth Fairy, I have just been informed that I am to divulge some sort of personal insight into my past.  After searching my memory all day, I have finally found something not too personal that I am willing to share.  Some people may find it interesting to know what I did for a living before I became Irene’s Bedroom Fairy…

I used to be a model for fairy cards.  The sorts of cards fairies leave for people they care about deeply.  Since only people who believe in fairies can actually see fairies, my job prospects were quite dismal.  Nonetheless, I was determined and I was hired for several sittings.

One late afternoon I told my mother, Beatrice, and my sister, Ivy, that I was going to take a fly around the…

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