OMG – Free Floating Anxiety

You call (Skype) to tell me that you’ll be flying to (points unknown) on (day unknown) as a part of your vacation.  As if I flucking needed to hear that when I just read that some United States National Security Something Something Hopefully Nothing Tax Paid For Agency has proclaimed a global alert for traveling US citizens. That’s OK. You go on. I won’t mention it to you when we Skype. I’ll just put it here, on my blog: WHAT? OMG HE’S DOING WHAT? OK…that didn’t make me feel any better. I’m fine with saying I’m a chicken shit. What are you thinking? Oh. I forgot. You don’t read the news. It bores you. So you haven’t a clue. Remember when you said I was morbid in ways you couldn’t define?  I will file this under Random Thoughts, etc.


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