That French Kiss & Six Kids (A Poem for a Prompt)

It was always all about pretending it was all about sex in the 60’s. My offering for today’s prompt at
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That particular year my high school,  back in New Orleans, didn’t graduate the most reverent group of seniors. This is what we penned in each others yearbooks: “Booze, beer, sex, and wine…we’re the class of ’69”. But, since it’s not an original poem, it cannot be my entry today. So you’ll have to suffer through this one.

That French Kiss & Six Kids

You were cute.
We beat all the odds
and went against
everything every nun ever told us –
we shared a french kiss
and didn’t get pregnant.
I haven’t a clue
what you could be up to now.
I hope
you have those six kids
you swore you wanted
that night
and that they’re
all baptized, confirmed, and married.
I’ve never considered myself lucky until


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