That Incident (Today’s Library Prompt)

My attempt at today’s prompt over at drop on over for a peek at today’s offerings and other great works.

The Community Storyboard

That Incident

It was a typical fall morning in New Orleans.  The early morning mist would soon enough give way to crisp and bright.  Madeline was sitting in a French Quarter courtyard café.  She was sipping coffee and flipping through the morning paper.

“Ah!  The Want-Ads,” she thought.  She’d, a long time ago, given up on ever finding that ideal part-time job that would allow her to choose her own hours and spend the rest of the day writing.  Nevertheless, she sometimes scanned the ads.  As usual, there was one to tease her:

“Wanted:  Personal secretary to work from my home.  Interviews held between 1PM and 3PM this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please call for an appointment….”  Blah, blah, blah.

It was Wednesday already.  That would mean rushing home to change for an interview; going on an interview; rushing back home to change clothes for a cocktail party and then rushing…

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