The Calmness of Self Pity (A Poem)

I don’t let myself
pity myself
as much
as I pity others
and that’s too bad.
We should pity
ourselves more –
every single self serving
part of ourselves –
and just face the music.
Self pity is a good thing.
At least
in hindsight
we can trace it back
to our own source
and fold our hands
and pray
for better moments.

Ellespeth (has a melt down :P)

7 thoughts on “The Calmness of Self Pity (A Poem)

  1. Never allowed myself to much self pity…seems akin to playing the victim to me and I am more a survivor. I can pity others better, but I do enjoy empathy from others sort of understanding my feelings.


    • Yes, I was raised that way, too = pity is ‘bad’…feels good though! Yes, like pity is reserved for strangers. I’m slowly coming round. Never lasts long. Ww are looking at vacation pictures.


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