Dream In The Attic (Poem for an old prompt 26 years ago)

Cheated on today’s dream prompt over at http://neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com/
take a peek at all the offerings over there.

The Community Storyboard

I’ll cheat here and post this poem.  It was my first published poem about a dream I had while trying to write a poem that had the word posey in it.

Dream In the Attic (1987)

He comes
at one with the night into my attic.
Known to me yet not the night
this one beckons my spirit rise
where bathed in the moon’s transforming glow
I witness him:
settled deeply in a winged chair
spreading fully on his lap
brittled leaves of paltry posey picked from seasons past
as though reading  into future’s time yet discovered euphony
and, upon what he transposes,
I lay my grateful weary head
to see the emptiness of space filled with thunder’s promise.

When fear,
sworn not to be undone,
does have it’s anxious way
for, turning back, I thus observe:
the attic’s filled with me!
Freshly washed and lusty haired
– primed…

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