When 100 Seemed Like Forever Away

Long time ago I told myself that, when I had accumulated 100 poems, I’d put a little book together.  I’m noticing lately that I have put 95 poems into my blog.  So that’s 5 poems away from putting that little book together.  I could reach that number by the end of the year.  When I first considered doing this, self publishing was just about as difficult as finding a publisher. Now, self publishing is much easier.  So that’s not an issue.   The issue is that – out of all the poetry I’ve written over the course of 50 years or so – I’ve narrowed down to 95 ones I’d even consider publishing.  About 75 of those still require quite a bit of work.  Reading them aloud and listening to how they sound is an important step.  I like a rhythym to my work that’s easy to follow.  I like repetitive first letters and possibly even just words that rhyme within the same line or a series of lines but not at the end of the line.  So that adds about another year – perhaps more – into editing vs mutilating my work.  A slow process.  I’m comforted by the fact that many famous poets – when we look at the entire body of their published works – actually didn’t publish very many poems.  That’s very comforting.

Plan of action:  I’ll move forward with composing 5 more poems.  Once I’ve accomplished that, I’ll choose 25 – because that adds up to 7 and I like the number 7 – and begin reading and reworking those.

One last point…I do appreciate the many readers, on WordPress, who have read and commented on my work.  I may not say this very often…but I do.


12 thoughts on “When 100 Seemed Like Forever Away

    • My husband and I were just discussing this – well all afternoon as we are cooking…if I could just choose 25 – lol – that would be a huge step. He wanted to know what to do with all of my other poems if I die before him…I said: cremate them with me. I don’t think he was expecting that answer 😛
      I hope we both make it one day, John…to that magic number 100.


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