Ellespeth Takes New York By Storm (Today’s childhood prompt)

Lost at The Macy’s Parade – today’s childhood memory prompt over at

The Community Storyboard

Just the facts as they unfolded one day:Headed for the Macy’s Parade

It was 1963.  Our president had been assassinated.  My parents, along with the rest of the country and world, were still numb.  Yet, in order to raise 5 children, my father still had to work.  So, he and my mother and we three older kids had flown to New York that Thanksgiving week on a business vacation.  Regardless of the fact that black wreaths were hanging on all store and business fronts, we three kids fully intended to see Santa Claus and Bullwinkle.

“Everybody hold hands!”  My father said as we walked out the hotel headed for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

At last!  There we were headed up the street to, what we believed to be, the best parade on earth.   Forget the fact that we lived in New Orleans and attended Mardi Gras every year. …

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