This Long Forgotten Day

I’m here today to have a vent.  I’m pissed.  The pissed poet.  I can’t begin – but of course I shall attempt – to describe my day.  I will try my best…

* I awoke to a prompt asking for pictures of my past.  I take a huge sigh and move on with my day thinking – ya ya fuck you.

* We toddler sit two kids.  She’s so in love with you.  You are her hero.  You can do no wrong.  You are the picture of perfection.  I eye you and laugh.  You laugh back.  Later, I watch her on your lap as you read to her about a shark and a train and we watch her dance round in her tutu 😛  Such a lovely dear you are to all of us.

*  We return home to some nasty HOA emails. The president is on vacation.  I am vice president of the board – lol…and finally have my say 😛

*  Our newly purchased Target vacuum is a pisser and we carry it back and come home with a faithful Hoover 😛

* I am crying then, soon.  You try to hold my sobbing.  It’s OK, I tell you.  I write a poem and several HOA emails.  Sigh.

*  I am not myself lately. I am not nice.  I mean nice as I was raised to believe nice was.  I am a West Coast Bitch.  I’m not sure if it feels good.  You go to bed early.  Sigh.

*  You are in bed without me.  I feel good about this.  I should be able to vent and bitch and feel ok about it all.  After all, you complain about my not putting stuff exactly where I found it 😛

*  I feel very lost and sad.  why should this  be when I love u so so so much and you love me?  Fuck it.


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