Ad Nauseam

“The Board has decided that the fine for being a loud mouthed, nauseating obstructionist is a kale smoothie three times a day for a month or until cured.” (caption by Ellespeth)

I’m still unable to totally shake this mood from last week 😦  The short trip was a nice escape from all the HOA Board stress.  The stressor- a fellow Board member – was, of course,  still around when we returned and began again his ugly totally self-serving tantrum.  Our postponed Board meeting is Thursday.  I’m a wreck over it.  I’m fearful to go to the meeting because he seems so hostile and unlike anyone I’ve ever known or would choose to know.  This guy has some real sort of I don’t know issues going on with his high and mighty self and my inner child is not wanting to be around him ever again 😦  I want to quit the Board but people have asked me to stay so we can proceed with some drainage work we are bound to complete.  Problem is this new Board member – who throws the fact that he has a PH.D around as though it was a string of Mardi Gras beads – thinks he knows more than our lawyers and all the experts we interviewed and all of our hard work over the last two years…he’s being an obstructionist.  He’s creating a small, but hostile, following within the community – against the Board, and we are probably going to have to kick him off the Board.    I’m sorry, OK?  This guy is – I want to be as kind as possible (and that’s part of my own problem)…this guy is hmmm….a fairly warped board.  Within the last half hour it’s just continuing to get worse.  Yes – emails from this guy YELLING AT ALL OF US 😛

I’m very stressed out.  I’m unable to write any poetry or a story or do anything at all remotely resembling creative.  I’m terribly sorry to be unable to get to my WordPress Reader.  The meeting is Thursday evening.  We watch the toddlers tomorrow morning and I plan to spend the rest of the day coloring one of my coloring pages.  My coloring pages are my salvation.  Wonderfully huge line arts I order from online – just beautifully relaxing.  I bought a new pack of kiddie crayolas…I’m going to try the pencils that you twist and don’t have to sharpen.  I’m going to fix hot fudge sundaes for dessert tomorrow.  I’m going to pamper my inner child.  She’s my imagination and my creativity and my playfulness so…she’s way, way worth pampering every now and then.  I miss my calm little life of being happily retired.  I feel like such a brat.  I wish I could borrow your PH.D for the Board meeting.  LOL!

Ad nauseam used to be an expression we used quite often in high school when discussing our boyfriends – “OK. I’m gonna get ad nauseam about…” and we’d all sit down to listen to the latest gf/bf break-up.

Until whenever,

Ellespeth ♥

3 thoughts on “Ad Nauseam

  1. I like your plans to pamper your inner child. It won’t get rid of the a-hole but it might make coping easier. I’ve had friends dealing with similar situations. Actually this almost sounds like something out of Seinfeld, just not funny. It’s amazing how a little power can go a long way to making a person insufferable. I’ll be sending you positive thoughts on Thursday night.


  2. Two words: control freak. I never had to deal with an HOA, but a few people I know have and guys like this are common. They are all ego and aggression with no concept of teamwork or compromise. He wants what he wants and he doesn’t care what damage he does to get it. I’m guessing by the PHD gloating that it’s one of, if not the only, major milestone in his life that he’s built everything else around. He’s wrapped up in himself and probably joined the board to rule instead of help. Boiling all of this down: He’s an asshole megalomaniac.


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