At The Memorial Service

Today was Mona’s memorial service.  You aren’t feeling well so I went alone…

A day her niece thanked me for, I’ve often cursed within.  She said…the doctos told her that if  you and I had not knocked on Mona’s door that morning – as we always did on Thursdays – to give Mona a ride to church toddler care, she would have died alone in her easy chair.  Mona was almost 90…

I remember that day.  We knocked and knocked and no answer.  We drove to the church and received no guidance.  We drove back to Mona’s.  We knocked and knocked.  No answer for our always Thursday childcare carpool.  We borrowed a passing stranger’s cell phone and called 911 and so many fire trucks and ambulances and police appeared so quickly.  They broke down the door and took Mona, who had been stuck in her easy chair for several days, to hospital…  Even though I know she wanted to die because her son had recently died and she was so grieving losing him, this was not a way to die – alone, in an apartment, sitting in a chair…soiled for the world to see…knowing what a proud woman Mona was.  Several months later, she died anyway, of course.

At Mona’s Memorial today, there was a like program folder.  On the back were pictures of her from childhood until – supposedly – a few years ago.  I’d never seen Mona so healthy looking as those pictures portrayed.  I’d only known her for the last two years of her life.  Those years she spent wasting away.

This is how it goes.  We come into the world for such a short time and then we leave.  Perhaps we leave some sort of something – a child to carry on the genes, a novel, a small book of poetry.  Nonetheless, we leave this realm for another. God knows that I am not a religious person…however, I do believe, when we leave this realm, we go onward – somewhere unknown and that, at last, we are not afraid of the unknown.  At least that is my hope – for Mona and for us all.

This is the poem I wrote after Mona died:


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