Cats & Dogs

I used to think cats were girls and dogs were boys…

It’s Tomorrow
The clock says one
and I’m not done…
pitiful, perfect me.

Your daughter is coming for supper tomorrow/tonight. Her boyfriend will accompany her. I’ve always seen you in him. He is also a physicist.

What makes physicists so fragile – as though a misstep may create some black hole into the personal life? What causes you to hold back and watch the world shoot forward all around you? What sorts of questions must be answered before you move from one point to another?

Why am I still up at almost 2AM writing poetry and washing lettuce? It must have something to do with the sound of running water and the repetitive motion of separating the leaves and washing them and arranging them to dry… and the heat wave.

You brought me flowers today. I never know the day of the week you will bring me flowers…I just know that every week you do. Dark dark dark red carnations this week. Carnations are my favorite flower. When the buds are so tight and green…I love to watch them bloom open and fresh and prissy.

Back to the salad. Just another set of random thoughts…This marks my second random post day within a mere week’s time 😛 Yay!


3 thoughts on “Cats & Dogs

  1. What a sweet post! And how lovely that he brings you flowers every week. I had to smile too because the first bouquet of flowers that my husband ever gave me were red and white carnations. I remember him saying, “I love primary colors …”


  2. Well, isn’t your mind just flitting about? I just really like you. Another great thing about carnations…they last forever, well, at least until next week’s flowers. Every week? That is sweet.


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