3 thoughts on “Nobody Wants War

  1. I’ve not thought about it like that before but yes, I do believe every human being wants peace, and that is something powerful to share. Now we need to share the means of getting there…or maybe not. Maybe we just all have to resolve to bring peace fully into our own lives, resolve those conflicts between family and friends, neighbours and colleagues. I think the media and our social structures encourage us to look outside of ourselves and our own lives to much, and thus we are disempowered. We need to lok at what we can do, what we can change, and ripple peace out by strengthening its power in our own corner of the world…love and blessings on peace to you and all, Harula xxx


  2. In this Sunday’s New York Times, Nicolas Kristof made a persuasive argument (in my mind) for missile strikes against Syria. Yet, I feel so uneasy about it. He acknowledges that it might not work, and then I think of Jon Stewart’s rant that these “decision makers” are all acting like they are in the seventh grade. I really find it hard to believe (and perhaps that is simply my own ignorance) that military intervention could bring us closer to peace.


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