I Think I Could Handle This

I think I could handle this cottage.  I imagine it has a cozy living room with a small kitchenette/dinette and a loft up there on the second floor with a bath area and built-in bed.  I can imagine evening windows golden glowing, fire flies, and the song of chirping crickets mixing with the sound of lake water lapping on the shore. Crackling logs in the fireplace.  We’d cook our famous ‘All Grown Up Girl Scout Stew au Vin’.  Maybe a walk near the lake after supper under a canopy of sweet gum trees and star lit skies.  We could hang some fairy lanterns along the eaves and some soft sounding wind chimes and sit on the porch till the moon had risen far and away. Then we’d climb up to the loft and into bed where we’d sleep and dream under soft quilts.   Maybe one day…


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