The Feel of Chenille

robeThis entry is only important to people who like to lounge around in their robes late into the morning or late into the night or both.  Not just any robe will do.  Especially once fall and winter roll around.  Since 1991 I’ve had such a robe.  It actually hasn’t been wearable for several years and I’ve spent those several years buying and rejecting it’s possible replacement.  In fact, I’d all but given up.  It had to be a certain shade of blue and it had to be made of chenille and be a certain weight (not too heavy and not too  light) and it had to be soft and it had to come just to my ankles and not drag on the floor.  I hesitantly ordered this one from a catalogue.  While I was risking ordering lounge wear, I decided to take a risk for you, too.  So I ordered you one of those pairs of sheep skin slippers lined with wool.  The day after I ordered our winter treats, we were hit with a heat wave 😛  I thought fall would never arrive but…it sort of did today and our package arrived too!  It’s a perfect robe!  It even has pink chenille roses on the top – like those bedspreads our grandmothers used.  Absolute perfection.  And you love your slippers!  I truly can’t say how delighted I am…I’m going to order another one and store it so that I never have to look for one again.

We went out for supper and walked around afterwards.  I found this very odd stuff called Root Beer Oil that is supposed to be good for back aches and sore joints and muscles and I bought some.  I’ll try it out next time I have an ache.  Odd stuff appeals to me.  Once home, I fooled around with my blog and changed the background to a free wallpaper I found online and used it with a wordpress theme.  I guess that’s allowable.  Blue and soothing.

It’s nice to have these sorts of days…kind of start out crappy and grouchy and tired and then end wonderfully perfectly snuggly .  I wish I could think of something profound to write about…well…a simply ordinary day is pretty profound in my book.

Sweet dreams!

Ellespeth  ♥

6 thoughts on “The Feel of Chenille

  1. It was 41 degrees here at 8 am. I’m freezing, but I’m wrapped up in my oversized fluffy soft fleece robe and slippers. Like you, when I find the perfect whatever, I always stock up. I hate when they decide to quit making things I like.


  2. What a lovely robe! And what a lovely background! Like Susan, I’m still stuck with heat and humidity and probably for another couple of months. My lounge-wear tends to be thin cotton pjs. Having lived in colder climes, I can appreciate (and I miss) the warm snuggly feeling of a good comfortable robe.


  3. Living in the heat and humidity of FL I have never found a robe that is snuggly enough without being too hot. So I tend to run around the house all day in my silky PJs. Unless, of course, I am going out 🙂


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