I’m Still Here With That…

We looked at each other…we admitted to not knowing all of the ‘characters’ of the beat age. What was amazing was that we could both connect to this as being significant in our lives. I sort of got the feeling that this wasn’t something you’d readily share…that you found Jack Kerouac interesting enough to close your eyes as you listened to him read…and we talked about the impact of these writers on my young life and smiled and ate ice cream with chocolate syrup.
Yes, we went over to Amazon and rented What Happened to Jack Kerouac? with interviews with Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Burroughs, Cassady, et al and live readings of Kerouac…simply amazing documentary. I would highly recommend this 90 minutes in a life. Here is one of the pieces Kerouac reads : Enjoy!  Ellespeth  ♥

149th Chorus – Jack Kerouac

I keep falling in love
with my mother,
I dont want to hurt her
—Of all people to hurt.
Every time I see her
she’s grown older
But her uniform always
amazes me
For its Dutch simplicity
And the Doll she is,
The doll-like way
she stands
Bowlegged in my dreams,
Waiting to serve me.
And I am only an Apache
Smoking Hashi
In old Cabashy
By the Lamp.

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