Bohemian Schmohemian – Sorta Prosey

Today has been an odd day. Maybe it’s one of the few times my horoscope has actually meant anything to me:

Pisces 2/19-3/20
It’s one of those days when you’ve got to clear out your head to make room for new people or concepts. Let go of your baggage and make sure that you’re facing the day with an open mind.

I’m not one of those bohemian sort of writers. Well, let’s face it, even the word bohemian no longer means what it did decades ago. Most Bohemians, these days, probably hold down jobs. There, I’ve let go some baggage!

Hahaha! We just had this odd discussion. I asked you what sorts of jobs you thought today’s middle class bohemian might hold. You replied:

“They may sell  medicinal marijuana by day, but – by night – they do poetry readings or attend writing circles or hole themselves up in small apartments or huge mansions writing when everyone else is sweetly so innocently in bed.”

I stare at you aghast. I am speechless. You are not supposed to know such things. This has totally blown my opinion of you being old fashioned.

“And they probably have pierced noses. So before you ask me…no. You are not bohemian. You took the silk flowers off our door wreath yesterday. So, I don’t even know if you are truly a flower child.”

So this is one reason I love you. I’m not even sure what to call this reason. It is one of many reasons and they all speak for themselves.  I think I’ll just go ahead and post this as is 😛

***You know very well that I took those flowers off so the wreath looked more Fall-ish. This implies that you desire me to go out and buy a new Autumn wreath 😛 ***


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