I May Be…

I may be away more than here this month. I have promised myself to publish once I reached 100 poems. This has now reached 119 poems.

I’m wondering how to incorporate these – I suspect – next few months into my blog. I am in the process of reaching out to people…to recieve more exposure. That sort of stuff.

I am wondering exactly what I truly want. This makes me sad. In some ways, my poetry has been my secret shield against so many obstacles – myself would be the first obstacle.

I’m wondering why I want to move from where I am now. I don’t know if I really want to move or if I feel I’m ‘supposed’ to move. I don’t know what sort of benefit I want to have upon our world. I feel I am a story-teller poetess sort of person. I want to strive to this. So I’m torn…

I will gather 25 of my poems. I will edit them.. I will reach out for exposure…once I learn how to. I will continue to put stuff out there. I will remain married and loving your sweetness and caretaking and having fun in retirement. I’ll remain thankful for today and its blessing upon me.

I may be away more than here this month…

Ellespeth  ♥

4 thoughts on “I May Be…

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