Faltering w/Love

I’m faltering. It seems such a great task – to gather a few pieces of my life’s work into a small book of pages among so many others.

I should have listened to you months ago and begun gathering  my poetry somewhere other than here and pieces of restaurant paper placements and grocery lists and all those folders of dreams I once had of who I would one day become. I should have seriously published long ago instead of drawing back in fear when I finally did publish. I should have done many things that I never dreamed I’d now regret not doing. 😛

Today you bought me a key. There’s enough space on that key to hold a novel 😛 I don’t know if you think I’ve already written enough poems to fill this key or if you are just daring me to fill it up with words…

I love you, sweetie. I can’t imagine writing a memory key’s worth of words. I love you for thinking big when I think small. And, you know, I know you’ll love me even if I never ever use this memory key at all.  In a few days we’ll head out for a few days of vacation. You’ll go hiking with the mountain lions 😛  I’ll work on putting my poems on this key.  We’ll watch the forest’s leaves turn orange.

I’ll just post this as a random something.


3 thoughts on “Faltering w/Love

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