A Method

I have come to some sort of conclusion/decision about my work – and my putting together a small book of poems to publish.  The conclusion is this:  Before we leave on our vacation, I’ll print out all my poems.  Hmmm.  I’ll get them all on the key you gave me.  Which ever comes first.  Then I’ll pick 50 that make up some sort of story line – or that move along the same line – and put those into some sort of – hmmmm – emotional flow order.  I think that’s it.  I know what I mean :P  It may not be easy. The poems could eventually, if I desire it so, become each a short story.  For now they will be poems.  That’s a huge step in itself.  I musn’t get side tracked…or procrastinate. This does, however, make sense.  I’ll see if it does in the morning.

I would not consider planning exactly how I’d like my book to be…well that’s not procrastinating.  I’ve already written the poems.  Now I want to make a sort of poem story out of them.  Once I decide which ones to use, I can begin editing them.  Most still require work.

Good.  I feel better.  I have a real plan.  Some goal.  A sense of order.  I may  not stick to it but I feel better having a plan.