On Keys and Editing and Lost Reservations…

Our cabin reservation was lost. It’s a small town.  When we called to  make the reservation, the lady couldn’t find the reservation book but wrote it all on a post-it note. This was about three weeks ago. Lovely place. All that. So I called today – you know – just on the slight chance that all those post its hadn’t found a real home in the reservation book. Sure enough – she had our reservation for December and our cabin is rented so there! She could give us a studio. Hmffff. I don’t think so.

Teary eyes. I go to a homeaway website and YAY! There just so happens to be a cabin, in the woods beside a little creek available on the days we’d planned to vacation. So we booked it. Has a wood stove and even a nice deck and porch. Very nicely done inside – from the looks of pictures and sounds of reviews.

So one problem solved…

I moved on to transferring all of my poetry onto the memory key. That wasn’t easy. A scavenger hunt through my blog poems and copy/pasting. This I had begun in July so I just added to the document from July forward. Then I started thinking…I’d best have page breaks. And I’d best print out two sets. That will make it easier to put them in some sort of emotional flow order. Hmmmm…

The page breaks are all done. 97 poems made it to the key and a few are still in a hard copy folder. Hard copy folder ones aren’t counted…they’re old…maybe a line here and there will still mean something to me enough to work with…one day.

Tomorrow I’ll print one set and then print another set Wednesday. I’ll start gathering my writing tools. I’ll pack everything into a satchel. Oh! I suppose I should copy the key to our laptop so it’s there before we leave.

I guess that’s it…I’m on a mission. Part of that mission includes going to bed so I am bright eyed and chipper when I greet the toddlers tomorrow morning 😛


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