We’ve Made It To The Cottage!

We’ve made it to the cottage!!  What a wonderful drive and day we’ve had.  We are just at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.  The Gold Country part of California.  I can’t say enough how glad we are that the first place messed up our reservation and we ended up here.  Soooo lovely!!  There is a stream outside in front of our cottage…with a trail that would be 3 miles round trip walking.  The cottage is fantastic…nice big kitchen, cozy living room with a wood burning stove.  10 minute drive into town and shoppes.  County Fair going on this week-end.  And the trees!!!  Real autumn colors from golden to orange to red…and perfect weather expected.

I’ll be spending tomorrow working on poems.  Well I’m already working…in my head I’ve planned how the lay out will be:  perhaps 50 love poems.  A poem and piece of random love prose side by side.  So that’s exciting to have that idea at play.

I’ll work all day tomorrow – between walking and cooking.  I’ll work half days Saturday and Sunday – between attending the County Fair and walking down Main Street window shopping and cooking.

Breakfast and coffee will be taken to the porch/deck.  Also lunch will be there.  We are smack in the middle of a forest – mainly pines with some sweet gum looking trees – flat leaves…I can’t wait to greet the morning birds chirping!

It’s unlikely I’ll be able to check other blogs again until Tuesday….I’ll try enter my progress…


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