A Burp On The Road Of Love

I’m still having a difficult time with the wireless connection during our cottage vacation.  Whole lotta crashing going on when I try to move from site to site – so  my reader comments may be sparse for several days…also anyone trying to reach me by email…I’m having issues.  Such is life 😛  Remember when it took a few days or a week for vacation postcards to reach people and they remembered you anyway?  I’m smirking…the internet and email has so changed our general expectations of staying in touch.
On the other hand…back to the vacation:   we can only clearly pick up some public radio station.  A great station, jazz and classical and even some nice piano bar music for dinner 🙂  There’s a television teasing me.  We haven’t watched television for more than 10 years….I’m tempted but…no.  I will not go there.
We’ve mainly been sick today.  Probably some bug we’ve picked up from watching toddlers 😛 It’s rather bad for you 😦  You’re chilled with a tummy thing going on.  I seem to have recovered quickly…but we’ve made the best of it…The best of it is that today was planned as a lazy day anyway…so we’ve turned it into a sick day.  We weren’t sick enough to pass up the three mile walk along the stream.  I’m sorry you’re sick, sweetie 😦  I wish I could be the sicker one…I feel such a failure as a caretaker and we didn’t bring any story books to read – the Peter Pan one we read when one of us is sick –  and we are cured by ‘the glass thing”…
And so I wrote a poem about rainy days.  After supper, I read it to you.  I’ve covered you with an afghan.  A golden light – from old lamp shades – surrounded us.  This is my favorite image – rooms lit golden with light from under old lamp shades.  You smiled and agreed.  It’s been  a rainy day sort of day feeling for you.
If you aren’t feeling better tomorrow, I’ll ride on into town.  I have to bring my necklace to one of the shopkeepers.  The deer skin rope part has broken and needs replacing.  The artist will fix it and mail it back.  If you’re feeling better,  we’ll have a waffle brunch.  Then we’ll come back to the cottage and I’ll work more on my poetry book.  We’ll make a pot roast for supper 🙂
Work is progressing – if only in my head.  I’ve spent time reading over a quarter of my poems.  Each and every one requires much work.  This is difficult.  I have choices…I can stop writing poetry and simply focus on editing my work to date or…I’ll just keep writing poetry and editing both.  The choice doesn’t matter much.  I’ve given myself a March publishing deadline and a March deadline I shall keep.
Until tomorrow…hoping all is well for everyone,
Ellespeth    ♥

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