Matters of Health

Whew…what a week!  We returned from vacation and jumped back into our ‘retirement’ full speed ahead.  Geez…

Since colon cancer runs in your family…today was the day of your every five year exam for it.  You passed with flying colors!  Yay!  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried.  I mean I worry when I get my mammogram or my Pap Smear.  Health is a worrisome issue at our age.  You are 71 and I am 62…we are middle-middle-aged.  LOL!  No…I’m supposed to be serious with this post…

Please, anyone who has been putting off any sort of available cancer screening or wondering how someone other than yourself may feel about them:

1)  That stupid myth: “It hurts to have a mammogram.”  That’s just not true.  Relative to falling and breaking your arm in two places, a mammogram is a piece of cake and is over much faster.  Get that baseline  mammogram in your 40’s.  That’s an important piece of your medical history…take control of that history.

2) Pap smears suck but are a fact of life.  I’m writing a short story about my first pap smear even as I write this entry…semi humorous/serious

3) The fear that surrounds the myth: “Colonoscopies should be avoided at any cost.” Well that’s just plain stupid thinking.  It’s right up there with whatever excuses are used for not having a mammogram or pap smear.

I’m very grateful for these sorts of cancer screenings. I’m grateful that someone thought of them and that decades of testing and data have proven their worth.

It seems that we have so little control over some aspects of our health.  But we do have control over some.  So I want to put this post out there.  I think taking control of our health is a major issue.  Don’t wait until you’ve lost control to try to take back control.

I’m so happy you’re ok, in this regard, sweetie.  You’re so goofy when you’re under the influence of ‘heavy drugs’.


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