Quitting That Non-Job Job

I quit the HOA Board tonight. Board members don’t get paid. We accept abuses at no charge. It felt just as good as it did when I retired from Stanford. Sometimes a person just has to say ‘I’ve done my part. I’m disgusted with this organization.” Some idiot – that same idiot as before – has accused board members of taking kick backs on  maintenance contracts. If the rest of the board wants to let this idiot control them so be it. I will not have my good name and reputation slandered in order that some crack box maniac can obtain power.

Now the board wants to vote you into my place. You’re considering it. Why bother? Let’s just sell and move to Grass Valley and grow pot and peaches.


7 thoughts on “Quitting That Non-Job Job

  1. I vote for growing pot and peaches. There is a homeowners association in Celebration Fl., the Disney hometown place. I heard they have a grass gestapo that will come out and measure your blades. They are only allowed to be three inches long, not longer, not shorter. Geez. You would think they were knives.


  2. Never had to deal with an HOA, but I know a few people who did. One kept claiming that everyone was nice and there weren’t any power-hungry people to cause trouble. Hated to point out that he was the Idi Amin of the group.

    Good for you for doing what is right for you. Too many people would stay in there and sacrifice for those that don’t appreciate it. Let them sink under the iron heel of their personal Stalin.

    (Papi took Napoleon, so I needed other dictators.)


  3. HOA is home owners association I presume? Gosh I hated the one we were in. A bunch of little Napoleon’s on the worlds biggest power trip… aye, I’ll behave. 😉 Let’s just say I’m not a fan. Good of you to leave the dark side before you were corrupted.


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