When We Were Young ( A Poetry Reading)

So…it took a few hours but..I’m back.  I found a very easy and free audio program – Audacity – that I’m using.  I’ll try a short poem previously posted. I hope it works for everyone…  here goes:

When We Were Young

When love was young
we used to make our crowns
out of clover blossoms
and get drunk
from the honeysuckle vine.
Sometimes I don’t
remember that anymore.
But, just now –
there’s a stew to make
and gingerbread cake
in the oven
and the sun will be setting
sooner than later
these days.


5 thoughts on “When We Were Young ( A Poetry Reading)

  1. Thanks harula! isn’t it odd? My own voice sounds so regular every day to me – never can know what another may hear or see Thanks again! It’s Sunday! I’m headed over to read your weekly post…stay safe and smiling! *hugs*


  2. It works like a charm. And a lovely reading. There will be no stopping you now. I created a page specifically to keep all readings together. I figured that some people respond better through other senses. All grist to the mill. Really beautifully done. You have a lovely voice for this. I would definitely go for more.:)x


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