Instructions to a Muse (Poem for a Ghost Prompt)

Here’s another entry I’ve made for the ghost prompt over at
take a peek. Browse around the site. Read some great writers sharing. Ellespeth

The Community Storyboard

This is for the Ghost Prompt.  Or it can just be a poem.  I’m not sure what the rules are and if I can post more than one poem to a prompt.  Well.. I’ve used a different picture – I chose the line of becoming ghosts…


Instructions to a Muse

Cover your head
and your arms
hands and feet.
You won’t need them
– for a little while at least.
Step quickly
behind your layers
and your veils.
How gladly I’d retreat with you!
It’s not your ghost I fear
but another long journey
into your foggy mist.
So go on now.
Slowly and quietly color yourself
invisible to others.
just so I’ll know
where to find you later,
keep circling
calling softly round
and round the heavy door.
Cast a spell or two my way
at least
a tiny one will stay.


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