Flirting With The Moon

I have decided to put my prose collection back up. It’s called Flirting With The Moon and is in the menu to the left here. I’ve been told it has potential and some people were following it here and liked it so…I’m bringing it back. I’ve tried to put it in pages and in some sort of order. I figure winter is coming and maybe some of you might take some time to read some of it and leave a critique. That would be a great help to me.
It might help readers to know that this series came from a poem I wrote about 15 years ago. And a poem I wrote earlier this year. I’ve reposted the poems below. I’m contemplating writing more prose for this. I’m wondering that’s all…if what I’ve done already makes it worth going on.
I’ve put the beginning of Lauradale back up, too. I’m not sure what I’m doing with that 😛  But I’m having fun with it.
So that is on the left menu. And thanks – even if you don’t click on the prose – thanks for following my blog at all …Ellespeth

Approaching Alta

When first I sensed him
resting at the far edge of my forest,
everything about him
far beneath the trembling pause
I sensed.
Without sight or sound
yet ever so familiar
he called to me
as the woodsy winds floated
through delicate fronds of fern;
that I might gaze upon him
and he upon me
and that we shall gaze so
throughout eternity.

Flirting With The Moon

Where is that place
called beginning when
the pier stretches so far
out onto that clear still lake
and the mist falls all around
the ground
like diamonds
touched by an early morning sun?
Is that the beginning
and in the end
dreaming and flirting with the moon –
with a cool breeze
in between?

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