The White Pumpkin, Bouncy Houses & A Bedtime Story

white pumpkin 2013 016I almost forgot to put up this picture.  It’s our Halloween pumpkin!  This year we opted for a white pumpkin with an orange LED “flickering candle”.

Very nice day today.  Started out at a toddler birthday party.  We were actually paid to be the Bouncy House police and eat BBQ.   Left there and went to the vegetable market.  Broke down and bought some curly lacy looking kale – I don’t know ANYTHING about kale – along with other veggies for the next few days.  This evening we spent 4 hours babysitting three little brothers.  They were up for the first hour.  I put the twins to bed and you spent at least an hour reading  bedtime stories and rocking the younger boy.  One of the twins made me a necklace chain out of a piece of knitting yarn.  I put it through the loop of the crystal I was already wearing and he beamed.  Then we read for an hour and came home.  We usually don’t watch toddlers on the week-end but…we’ve certainly enjoyed this day.

I’m going to make two homemade hardcover books of my poetry for Christmas gifts this year.  I’m going to take two old books or two notebooks with hard covers and paste in my poems along with some stuff I’ll cut out of magazines.  Glue all that in and maybe dangle some pretty somthings from the binding and paste stuff on the cover.  Hmm – something like this but then on a messy page like that would be pasted one of my poems.  These are called Smashbooks these days.

I’m reading The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath.  It has pictures 🙂  I’ve looked at all the pictures and read a few pages so far.  Tomorrow I’m going to take out her book of poetry and see if they are dated (I don’t recall) and read the poems in date order along with her journal.

Time’s gotten away from me since we came home.  Tomorrow is a lazy day.  I wish it would rain but that’s asking too much 😛


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