Once When You Held Me (Poem for a Childhood Prompt)

Once When You Held Me – for my Father

Where are you? Once
you held me in the palm of your hand.
You whispered mysterious
incantations and spells
against all the unexplained
and unknown.
Where are you now
–  now
when I want explanations
and I want to know?
How dare you leave me
with so many
unanswered questions?
I don’t care if you are dead.
That’s no excuse.


4 thoughts on “Once When You Held Me (Poem for a Childhood Prompt)

  1. Oh I really like this! I didn’t realise where it was headed, at the beginning. I thought perhaps the baby had been abandoned. Then she was – but in a totally different way.

    I’m not sure if people focus on that emotion very often? I certainly felt that, in grief. Not only the pain and loss and missing but almost anger at having been “abandoned” by his dying and left to deal with everything alone. It’s completely illogical, it wasn’t his choice.
    (I may have misinterpreted the intention of the poem, but that’s what I felt and took from it.)


    • Hi dora! Thanks for reading and commenting on my work. I appreciate the support. Yeah…grief releases a complicated set of emotions. Some linger years later – like layers. Maybe it’s a way to protect ourselves from full blown sudden grief.


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