The 1973 Shoe Box Letters (A Poem)

The 1973 Shoe Box Letters
short of death
shall ever part me from those letters.
Not even the divorce.
Threads of life and hope
woven tight against despair.
I’ve been there
and through it.
At least I know now
that relationships end
with a series of happy endings


6 thoughts on “The 1973 Shoe Box Letters (A Poem)

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  2. I love the sentiment and the picture πŸ™‚ I wish I had letters from a failed relationship, just to remind me that I can survive. As it stands, I have letters my husband-before-he-was-my-husband wrote to me when he was in the Peace Corps. I’ll never let those go even though they remind me of all the pain and anxiety I had while he was gone, afraid he wouldn’t come back.


    • Thanks, Marie. These letters are actually in a beautiful Neiman Marcus Shoe Box in the important paper storage πŸ˜› We were both about 22 – during Viet Nam when he was a Navy corpsman on a West Pac Cruise. We loved for many years after the Shoe Box Letters and remain friends. It’s difficult being a woman at home while their man is off saving lives during a war 😦 I hope all is well with you.


      • Oh, what a wonderful story! And I’m so glad you remain friends. My husband was in the Navy too, but he flew P3s, looking for Russian subs (the early 70s). I didn’t know him then. I like to think he was saving lives when he was in the Peace Corps, bringing potable water to villages in Ecuador. We had just started dating when he left and it was hard to be away from him since the feelings of love were one-sided initially. Just grateful things turned out as they did πŸ™‚ I hope all is well with you too. I’m looking forward to finishing NaNo … might be able to do it before Thanksgiving!


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