Smashing Darling!


My Smash Book Work Table!

We’ve finished the kitchen painting and cleaning and our marriage is intact 😛 Stove will be delivered Monday morning.  I’ve missed cooking.  We are exhausted – the week has really been difficult.  Watching toddlers in the mornings and behaving like toddlers in the afternoons.  Hahaha!

The picture is of my smash poetry book project.  I’ve everything cut out from magazines and have purchased stickers and beads and all sorts of stuff for decorating the lovely pages.

You’ll actually have to click on the photo to get sort of idea.  Book on upper right is the actual one I’m going to complete. Composition book on lower left is somewhat a practice one I’ll begin this evening.

I’m excited to move forward with the project. I used to design and sew cross stitch samplers but…that’s not possible now with the vision issues (macular degeneration good news on that, this week, was I  didn’t need an eye injection – yay! – and don’t have to go back to the eye doctor until February 2014) but…I enjoy crafts and hope this smash book making can take its place

This – above – is a nice picture I found on the internet and am hoping my book will resemble – the book after my practice book…I’m excited about seeing my poetry in an actual book 😛  I’ll do different sorts of print of each one – something.  That should be fun!

Once we rest up and make it through Monday, life will be back to the sort of abnormal-normal we can handle.  I’m thinking of everyone and hoping all is well…

Ellespeth  ♥


5 thoughts on “Smashing Darling!

  1. Oh, so you had some kitchen fun, too! Really, I didn’t know how disruptive not having a functioning kitchen would be until we went through it. And fortunately we survived with our marriage intact as well. Your project looks so exciting. Perhaps you posted this elsewhere, but are you creating something like a chapbook (I still don’t really know what those are). A limited edition type book? Or is this something that you will make into an ebook? More info please because I do love your poetry and am excited to hear that you’re working on a book 🙂


  2. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun with this – I love the photo of delicious, colorful crazy creative chaos! Enjoy welcoming your new stove tomorrow and drawing a line under that unwanted and unexpected project. Wishing you a wonderful week, Harula xxxxx


    • Thanks for dropping by, Charles. I hope things are going good for your book publication. I’ve missed all of that – just too exhausted to concentrate on reading and commenting. Seems like longer than a week or so..that’s the way it is when stuff around the kitchen is so disorganized 😦 Hope your son is doing his toddler best:) Till one day next week ***hugs***


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